Diagnostic tester for cars Diagprog4 Diagnosetester für Autos Diagprog4
Probador de diagnóstico para los coches Diagprog4
Tester diagnostyczny Diagprog4
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Diagprg4 - Diagnostic tester for cars.

The package includes:

  • DiagProg4 (DP4) device
  • Key Programmer
  • NEC adapter
  • Parallel Adapter
  • Package of Software: "DiagProg 4 - Package Full Dashboard Software" - software package operating with the DiagProg4 device, "DiagProg 4 Copyright (C) Elprosys 2016" - (firmware) - part of the software that runs (only) with (original) device DiagProg 4, "DiagProg4 Manager" - the part of the PC software used to control and update the software - software works on any PC and is compatible only with original device DiagProg4.
  • Power supply adapter from a car lighter
  • Test Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • microSDHC card - 8GB
  • CD-ROM with software and manuals (pdf)
  • Agreement of use that grants technical support for the user as well as updated software releases
  • Big case - comfortable organizer
  • Cables:

Cable C1
Cable C2
Cable C3
Cable C4
Cable C5
Cable C6
Cable C7
Cable C8
Cable C9
Cable C10

Cable C11
Cable C12
Cable C13
Cable C14
Cable C16
Cable C17
Cable C18
Cable C19
Cable C20
Cable C21

Cable C22
Cable D1
Cable D2
Cable D3 + D3 multiplexer
Cable D4
Cable D5
Cable D6
Cable D7
Cable D8
Cable D9

Cable D10
Cable D11
Cable D12
Cable D14
Cable D15
Cable D16
Cable D17
Cable D18
Cable D19
Cable D20

Cable D21
Cable D22
Cable D23
Cable D24
Cable D25
Cable D26
Cable D27
Cable D28
Cable D29
Cable D30
Cable D31





Price: 9 599 EURO gross

List of supported car models can be now downloaded HERE

All prices are gross (23% VAT tax is included).
Prices do not include shipping costs. Prices include the free update for 30 days since the date of order.
This price list is valid from 22.09.2015.
General Distributor reserves the right to modify the prices in case of significant changes on the market, inflation, currency exchange rates, material prices increase, wages modifications, government interventions and other circumstances beyond the control of the General Distributor.


DiagProg4 diagnostic tester - an innovative device designed for diagnostics, repair and programming of car modules.
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