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We have released the new software update for following car models:

  • MERCEDES 2017 C-klass (W205), X-klass (X470) Continental/VDO with R7F701414 (RH850) – programming via OBDII* – Program nr. 126.
    Cangateway installation required. 

    Software for programming:
    - KM - programming kilometers in the odometer via OBDII,
    - ASSYST - service history of the car via OBDII,
    - RESET ASSYST - resetting assyst to new state via OBDII,
    - ERASE DTC's - erasing history of faults (DTC's) in all car modules via OBDII,
    - LEARN - used odometer adaptation to the FBS system via OBDII,
    - READ EEPROM - reading full memory KI and Assyst (available only to clients who bought data editing, option 802) via OBDII,
    - WRITE EEPROM - writing full memory KI and Assyst (available only to clients who bought data editing, option 802) via OBDII.

For more detailed information on UPDATE 2019, please contact the appropriate dealer or ElproSys representative directly.


We have also introduced new vehicle models to the offered programs:

  • Lincoln Nautilus 2019 - programming via OBDII.


Also we released NEW software updates for following cars:

  • Lincoln MKT with SPC5606S (Denso) - programming via OBDII - new software version
  • Honda with MB91F06xBS - new flash files added to server DataBase



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