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Amendment of the Polish Penal Code and Road Traffic Act


We inform that from 25.05.2019 the amendment of the Road Traffic Act and the Penal Code will come into the force. The novelization is known as the law on penalizing the falsification of odometer readings in vehicles:

„Art. 306a.
§ 1. Who changes the indication of the odometer of a motor vehicle or interferes in the correctness of its measurement is subject to imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years. 
§ 2. The same penalty shall apply to anyone who commits another person to perform an act referred in § 1.”


The full text of the ACT you could find here: http://orka.sejm.gov.pl/proc8.nsf/ustawy/2878_u.htm

In relation to the above changes,  from  25.05.2019, in order to be in line with the new law regulations, we change the below subjects:

- Forum Terms and Conditions,
- Support Terms and Conditions,
- Diagprog Terms of use.

Familiarize yourself with the changes to the above regulations before posting to the Forum or sending a notification to the Technical Support.


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