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DiagProg - History

Diagnostic tester DiagProg4 for cars
DiagProg4 - diagnostic tester

diagnostic testerHuge technological leap forward that came recently enabled Elprosys company further development of DiagProg3 diagnostic tester. As a result of this work company have developed and recently released DiagProg 4 Diagnostic tool for cars - the most advanced and powerful automotive diagnostic tool currently available on the market. Faster programming, LOG file auto save or easier access to erase diagnostic faults are only few of many benefits that DiagProg4 Diagnostic tool  users can utilize.


diagnostic testerIn 2000 ElproSys began production of DiagProg Diagnostic tool for cars, which has been used for odometers diagnostics and repairing as well as other electronic car modules. 10 years of continuous improvement of equipment, based on an examination of customer needs and adapting to technological developments, led to the creation of ultra-modern DiagProg3 in its current form - the most popular Diagnostic tool for cars in the world. Below you can find the DP3 predecessors.


diagnostic testerIn view of permanent progress on PC market resulting in frequent alteration of software (e.g. operating system) as well as PC operation  parameters  - ElproSys has introduced to the market its own standard of a portable computer, which is power-supplied from the vehicle diagnostic plug. In new device called DiagProg II we got rid of the problems related to non-compatibility and different operation clock rate of PC computers. DP2 had a feature to update software version - current software release was always available to download from our server. The new equipment has been designed purposely to meet needs of those customers who were not advanced PC users - its simple operation allows comfortable work.


DiagProg1 (CodiSys)

diagnostic tester DiagProg predecessor as  an independent programmer was CodiProg (DiagProg 1) -  appliance which operated only when connected to a PC, used for programming integrated circuits that control dashboard equipment of various vehicles. CodiSys device  allowed to repair dashboards after programmable breakdown and was only one of few appliances that enabled in-circuit programming of microchips (with no need of de-soldering).

DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is dedicated only for repair and diagnostic purposes.

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DiagProg4 diagnostic tester - an innovative device designed for diagnostics, repair and programming of car modules.
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