Diagnostic tester for cars DiagProg4 Diagnosetester für Autos DiagProg4
Probador de diagnóstico para los coches DiagProg4
Tester diagnostyczny DiagProg4
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DiagProg4 - FAQ

Backup file

DiagProg4 update directly from file

Sending the LOG file via DiagProg4 MANAGER


SD Card Repair


DIAGPROG4 - Software 802 Technical Description

Software 802 List of supported modules


Update DP4 Manager

How to find Control Number

VW AutoDetect via OBDII

Read km value in FEM/BDC/CAS via OBDII

DiagProg4 Maintenance


 How to download/instal SW_Files

How to send the 'LOG' file?

 How to download DP4 data files (BSI, Flash, etc.) in a few minutes?

Can Analyzer - settings

Activation DP4 online via WiFi

How to replace Executive board in DP4

How to replace service board in DP4

DP4 New External Tester

 How to find the Software version

DiagProg4 files synchronization 

Technical support - sending a notification

DiagProg4 Powering and Connecting

How to upload UPDATE file in DP4

Uploading activation using a file in DP4

Activation file is corrupted (4)

Save all data from SDHC card (copy to PC),
Format SDHC card (FAT32),
Upload activation file again onto SDHC card


If after uploading the activation programs are still not active in DP4 you need to:

  • Check whether the machine's serial number matches the number in the file name activation
  • Check whether the activation file has a name in the format [No. DP4] .dpp for example. 123456.dpp
  • Check if this is the LAST latest activation file
  • Check whether the activation file has been copied to the main catalog of the memory card
  • Check whether the activation file has been deleted after you reset the device - if so, this means that activation has been uploaded
  • Check whether at the reset device displays any message

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