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We have released the new software update for following car models:

  • Ford Figo 2019 with R5F10DPJJ (Mexico) – programming via OBDII  – Program nr. 121.
  • PSA BSI UDS Delphi – programming via OBDII – Program nr. 111.

Software for following models:

  • Citroen C3 2016,2017 - BSI UDS Delphi + Instrument Cluster Yazaki with R5F10DPKL (IC YZK CMB N2) – programming via OBDII*
  • Citroen C3 2016,2017 - BSI UDS Delphi + Instrument Cluster Yazaki with D70F3529  (IC YZK CMB N3) – programming via OBDII*
  • Peugeot 308 II 2017 - BSI UDS Delphi + Instrument Cluster Nippon Seiki – programming via OBDII**

*For Citroen C3 2016,2017 required is prog. nr. 86
**For Peugeot 308 II 2017 required is prog. nr. 891


For more detailed information on UPDATE 2019, please contact the appropriate dealer or ElproSys representative directly.


We have also introduced new vehicle models to the offered programs:

  • Toyota Voxy with 93C86 – programming.

Also we released NEW software updates for following cars:

  • Renault Master 2018 with MB96F6A6RB - programming via OBDII - new software version
  • Mercedes C-klass (W205) 2016 - corrected Security Access password for sw 2059023013.

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