Diagnostic tester for cars Diagprog4 Diagnosetester für Autos Diagprog4
Probador de diagnóstico para los coches Diagprog4
Tester diagnostyczny Diagprog4
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In relation to received information, we want to kindly inform that an unknown person/group is sending e-mails to our customers with requests for regulations of the debts/ payments.

Moreover, ElproSys does not have an account with the HSBC bank, which is referred to by the impersonating person. 

These messages were sent from "info@elprosys.com
", "sales@hayshelf.com" and "le.ysl@yandex.com".


What is more dangerous, the email footer is stylized as used by us.
Please note that such e-mail addresses does not belong to us. 
In case of receiving such information, please do not answer it and report this fact to your Seller!



DiagProg4 diagnostic tester - an innovative device designed for diagnostics, repair and programming of car modules.
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