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NRGkick portable EV charger with up to 22kW of power. With its interchangeable plugs, it can be powered from a CEE32/ CEE16 power outlet or a Schuko power outlet. The charger is equipped with the most popular type-2 connector among electric cars.

Thanks to its compact size, the charger can be easily transported.

NRGkick charger has a number of safety features to ensure the highest safety of use.

NRGkick comes in several equipment configurations.  


The intuitive interface of NRGkick charger allows you to change the device's operating parameters. The charging current can be adjusted from 6 to 32A.





NRGkick charger has adapters to all standard outlets, including: 32A 5-pin, 32A 3-pin, 16A 5pol, 16A 3pol, Type 2, Type E+F "Schuko" 13A, Type J/T12/13 (Switzerland), Type L (Italy), Type G (UK).

It is possible to personalize your NRGkick, which will allow you to charge your electric car in almost any place with access to electricity. 

NRGkickcharger is available in several equipment variants - the cable length can be 5m, 7.5m or 10m.

The standard version of the NRGkick has a WiFi and Bluetooth module, on request it can be equipped with an additional GSM/GPS/SIM module.

NRGkick charger has a mobile application that allows you to manage the parameters and time of vehicle charging. The app can also collect reports on operations performed, as well as create detailed plans for charging the vehicle (setting the day and time when charging begins).


Thanks to the integrated 'NRGkick Cloud platform, you can remotely control the status of the electric car's battery, as well as check and change the charger's current settings.


NRGkick charger is very safe to use. The technologies used provide safety for the power grid, as well as the charging process and its user.

NRGkick monitors the temperature of sockets and connectors, and will immediately stop charging the vehicle if the temperature exceeds the permissible limit. NRGkick provides protection against surges and miswired outlets.

NRGkickcharger is made of the best impact- and shock-resistant materials. The waterproof rating of the NRGkick charger is IP67. What's more, the charger has special protection to prevent the device from being stolen.


Socket type IEC 62196 Type-2
Max. input power Optional: 1-3 phase, 8-32A
Max. output power Optional: 3kW/ 3,7kW/ 7.4kW/ 11kW/ 22kW
Frequency 50Hz
Charging connector cable 5m/ 7.5m/ 10m + socket type-2
Power connector Optional: 32A CEE, 16A CEE, Schuko 13A 230V
Degree of protection IP67, IK10
User interface LED indicators + touch panel
Certificates CE, TUV, OVE, RoHS, RED, DVE
Working temperature -50 ℃ ~ +70℃
Communication Mobile application, WiFi, Bluetooth, [GSM-optional]
Electrotechnical building protection Residual current protection (AC) 30mA, residual current protection (DC) 6mA, over/under voltage protection, surge protection, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, leakage protection, short circuit protection, temperature control, theft protection
Weight +/- 5kg [depending on equipment]
Manufacturer DINITECH (Austria)



DiagProg4 diagnostic tester for cars
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