Diagnostic tester for cars Diagprog4 Diagnosetester für Autos Diagprog4
Probador de diagnóstico para los coches Diagprog4
Tester diagnostyczny Diagprog4
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Check why exchange diagnostic tester DiagProg3 for DiagProg4?

16 bit CPU, 40 MHz 32 bit CPU, 384 MHz
8 MB Flash 128 MB Flash
128MB MMC card 8 GB microSDHC card
Security Coprocessor Encryption in real time
LCD 5,7" - 320*240 TFT - 7" 800*480
Display: Resistive touch (film) Display: Capacitive touch (glass-glass)

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DIAGPROG4 diagnostic tester for cars - BENEFITS FOR CLIENTS

  • Faster programming / diagnostics
  • German high-performance
  • User-friendly menu with easier access to functions like clear faults, clear services
  • Access to new important software updates prior to car programming
  • High quality of hardware and software
  • DP4 Unlock/ Lock placed on the server much faster (regardless of software update) with no need to wait for new update to unlock from server 
  • Log saved automatically (Log is always on hand - no need to remember)
  • Hardware and software information is easier to locate which makes submitting support forms much faster
  • Access to read/write EEPROM via OBDII - more car models than in DP3
  • Downloading files online directly via the device
  • Software activation with all programs takes only a few seconds to load
  • The new software update can be released in less than 5 minutes
  • Dedicated support system for submitting support forms
  • Quality of DiagProg4 device has been confirmed by TÜV Rheinland Certificate
DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is dedicated only for repair and diagnostic purposes.


DiagProg4 diagnostic tester - an innovative device designed for diagnostics, repair and programming of car modules.
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