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Probador de diagnóstico para los coches Diagprog4
Tester diagnostyczny Diagprog4

Why choose DiagProg4?

Diagnostic tester DiagProg4

DiagProg diagnostic tester is an undisputed leader on the market. DiagProg users were the first who could program following car models:

Car models Release date
DiagProg4 Competition
Ford Figo 2019 with R5F10DPJJ (Mexico) 30.11.2018 Not offered
Ford Fusion 2019 with R7F701408 (Denso)  21.11.2018 Not offered
Ford Expedition 2018 with R7F701408 (Denso) 21.11.2018 Not offered
Mercedes V-klass (W447) Continental/VDO with D70F3525 2015-2017 15.11.2018 Not offered
Ford Explorer 2018 with R7F701408 (Denso) 14.11.2018 Not offered
Honda Accord 2018 with S6J3001LSJ (Denso)  14.11.2018 Not offered
Mercedes C-KLASS (W205), AMG GT (C190/R190), GLC-KLASS (C253),
GLK-KLASS (X253) 2015-2017 with D70F3525
07.11.2018 Not offered
Mercedes-Benz klasa S (W222) i CL (C217) 2015-2017 31.10.2018 Not offered
BMW, MINI - BDC module 19.10.2018 Not offered
GM Opel Insignia 2017,2018 12.10.2018 Not offered
GM Chevrolet S10 2017,2018 12.10.2018 Not offered
GM Chevrolet Suburban 2017,2018 12.10.2018 20.11.2018
Fiat 500L (facelift) 2017 12.10.2018 Not offered
Lincoln Navigator 2018 with SPC5645S (Visteon) 05.10.2018 Not offered
Iveco Daily EDC17C49 2.3 2011-2018 05.10.2018 Not offered
Lotus Exige 9S12 20.09.2018 Not offered
Mercedes C-klass (W205), S-klass (W222) and CL (C217)… 20.09.2018 Not offered
Ford Mustang 2018 with R7F701404 20.09.2018 Not offered
Toyota Corolla iM (model 2017) z MB91F060BS 18.07.2018 Not offered
Honda Odyssey (model 2018) z MB91F062BS 18.07.2018 Not offered
BMW Seria F - Reset FEM Module 06.06.2018 Not offered
Rolls Royce - Reset FEM Module 06.06.2018 Not offered
Hyundai Kona 2017 (Model 2018) 06.06.2018 Not offered
Suzuki Swift IV 2017 z D70F3523 08.05.2018 Not offered
Suzuki Maruti IV 2018 z D70F3524 08.05.2018 Not offered
BMW SERIA G z 35128 (BOSCH) 26.04.2018 14.05.2018
GM Chevrolet Silverado 2017,2018 with 4" TFT display, 26.04.2018 Not offered
FORD Fiesta, Ecosport 2017, 2018 with R7F701405,R7F701414 12.04.2018 Not offered
MAZDA 6, CX-5 2017, 2018 - Calsonic Kansei 12.04.2018 Not offered
FORD F?50 - 2017, 2018 with 7" TFT display R7F701408 (DENSO) 26.03.2018 Not offered
Alfa Romeo Giulia, Stelvio 22.01.2018 Not offered
Maserati Ghibli (95320RT) 2017 13.12.2017 Not offered
Chery Tiggo 13.12.2017 Not offered
FORD F?50 2017 with 4" TFT display (Denso) 22.11.2017 Not offered

We do our best to stay ahead of our competitors - we introduce new software at least once a month.

Having in mind best interests of our customers, we have been continually improving our software – every few days we provide our customers with software updates available for download from our server free of charge.

Catering to the needs and expectations of our customers, we try to make every car possible to program through the diagnostic plug (OBDII) so DiagProg4 diagnostic tester is as much user-friendly as possible.

You can buy a single program, order required package or take advantage of monthly updates. Freedom to decide when and what software you purchase, guarantees that you only pay for what you actually need and only when you need it.

We are open to your suggestions and always willing to help - if DiagProg4 diagnostic tester does not support specific car model, with your help (when you send us the contents of the chip memory) we will be able to add this car to DiagProg4 diagnostic tester, and you will receive a program free of charge.

Knowledge and experience. We have been on the market since 2000, our employees are high-class specialists in the fields of: electronics, automation and programming with many years of experience and passion for work. ElproSys team is fully committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for automotive business worldwide.


Diagnostic tester for cars Diagprog4 is the best one on the market. Check it yourself!

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